20 Male Celebrities Who Have Spent Time Behind Bars

It’s one thing to get arrested, but thrown in jail is another story. Even celebrities get in trouble with the law and, even though their sentences may seem to be less severe than they should be, they are not above spending time in the slammer. Some of these celebrities have recovered from their legal troubles, but others are still suffering from their actions. Take Robert Downey Jr, for example. He is currently one of the largest movie stars in Hollywood, but most people don’t know about his tragic history involving drugs. This list will cover 20 famous icons who have served time behind bars for controversial reasons.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson may be one of the most controversial athletes in sports. Back in 1991 the retired boxer spent 36 months in prison after being charged with rape.

Mark Wahlberg

Action star Mark Wahlberg spent over a month in prison for attacking a Vietnamese man with a stick. He was charged with assault and attempted murder. The actor recently spoke out about his actions, hoping to get it removed from his record.