20 Signs That You’re A Cat Person

For years, it’s been all about dogs. We’re told constantly that dogs are man’s best friend, you’re more likely to be sociable if you’re a dog lover and in general, dogs lead to people having happier lives. We get it. The trouble is, we’re not all dog lovers. For some of us, at least, there’s nothing we hate more than busy parties, long walks and smiling at people.

There is another way! If you find that you spend 70% of your day cursing the people around you and the other 25% thinking about food, you’re probably a cat person and if you don’t already have a feline friend, we’re betting that you will soon be making a furry purchase.

You Have Your Own Seat

Pity the person who sits in your seat for they really don’t know what’s coming for them. You have perfected the creases in your seat’s cushion and if anyone comes in there to mess things up, there will be hell to pay.

You Judge People From Afar

Your idea of socializing is sitting in a cafe and people watching. Your favorite activity is to silently judge the outfits of strangers, sitting smugly in your cozy corner.

You’re In A Relationship With Your Bed

In your opinion, human love is for sissies and you can’t imagine loving anyone or anything more than you love your own bed. If you had it your way, you would conduct every day out of the comfort of your duvet and the minute you get through the door, you make a beeline for the bedroom.

You Exude Mystery

You listen to other people a lot but you rarely tell them anything about yourself. And when you look as good as you do, who needs to know anything else?