10 Of The Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a serious thing. People might get them to represent a deeply held belief or maybe to mark a special memory. Regardless of the motives, though, tattoos have a way of lingering around, so you would expect people to exercise a bit of discretion before getting them. Unfortunately the celebrities on this list seem to have suffered severe lapses in judgement; the tattoos they chose to get are bizarre and blatantly foolish. The following probably started off sweet and cute, but certainly turned sour and mocking when the novelty wore off.

Christina Ricci

Christina has a tattoo of a…well…a lion? It’s definitely some sort of cat surrounded by a strange cloud. Now getting a tattoo is a commitment, so put a little effort and detail into it. Christina’s tattoo looks like someone drew on her with a sharpie.

Nick Cannon

Ahhh, love makes fools of us all! After dating Mariah Carey for perhaps six weeks, Nick Cannon got her first name tattooed across his upper back. A little premature? You bet. Now they’re divorced, and Nick is left with her name cattle branded across his back.