20 Sexy Women Flaunting Their Envious Curves

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They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but what do they say about sexiness? Well, judging by the array of beautiful and sexy women showing off their figure-hugging attire, it would seem as if sexiness is not only in the eyes of the beholder, but also in the eyes of every red-blooded man who happens to lay their eyes on these beauties. Take a look at these sexy women flaunting their envious curves!


This gorgeous brunette proves that sexy can also be classy. Her mini LBD and high heeled boots are totally on point.

Twice The Fun

Whether this was planned or totally spontaneous; these sexy gals look super hot in their white mini dresses.

Curvy Diva

This redhead shows off her killer curves in a grey cutout dress that shows a lot of skin.

Red Hot

The hair, the legs, the dress — this is how you wear a red dress.


This stunner really wanted to show off the back of her dress — and other things!

Curly-Haired Cutie

It’s hard to ignore this petite beauty thanks to her gorgeous curls, but her other assets will garner some attention as well.

Busty Diva

This busty gal didn’t bother to show her face, but I bet the men looking at this photo didn’t even notice.

Tight And Toned

This girl wanted to show off her toned abs in this skimpy crop top — who could blame her?

Green With Envy

With a body like that, it’s not surprising that others might be a little envious!

Double Trouble

These mischievous girls know that they are smoking hot in their super tight lace dresses and they just wanna share the love!

Celebrity Lookalike

If you look at her face you might see a Sandra Bullock resemblance, but those boobs are definitely not Sandra’s.

Metallic Beauty

This skintight metallic dress fits her like a glove!

Boobs In Blue

Her blue dress is stunning, but judging by her pose, I think she really wants us to look at her boobs.

Sexy And Stylish

This slender diva looks sexy and stylish in her fashionable high-slit dress.

Shades Of Grey

This is a prime example of classy meets sexy!


This skintight dress looks like it was molded to her body, doesn’t it guys?

Stylish Twins

These pretty sisters are giving us two times the sexiness in their figure-hugging attire.

Athletic Beauty

This petite beauty sure knows how to make socks look sexy; who doesn’t love an athletic woman!

Figure Hugging

Another day, another gorgeous gal showing off her curvaceous figure!

Exotic Curves

This exotic beauty has no problems putting her curves on display, and who could blame her!