20 Selfies Taken At The Most Inappropriate Of Times

If you have a smartphone, then you have most likely taken a selfie at some point. Everyone is taking them and they have become so popular that a company even produced the Selfie Stick, which allows users to take selfies without all the trouble of getting your phone at the perfect angle. While selfies can be fun to take, there are certain times and locations where they should not be allowed. Here are 20 selfies that were taken at the most inappropriate of times and, like us, you’ll want to slap these people for taking them!

Train Selfie

We are interested to see how this one turned out after the selfie was taken. That train is coming up fast and the car is on the tracks!

Jail Selfie

These two girls must have had a wild night, as they are locked up together in county jail and they don’t look too upset about it. How did they get the phone into the jail, though?

Grandma’s Funeral

She swears this is the last funeral selfie she is going to take. We love how she laughs about it and then someone must have called her out on it and she calls them haters!


It is one thing to take a selfie at a funeral, but to take the selfie and include the dead body? That is just wrong on so many levels and where are these girls’ parents?