20 People Who Took Revenge To A New Level

Like A King

In 1999, famed author Stephen King was struck and severely injured by a minivan driven by a man named Bryan Smith. Despite nearly killing King, Smith received no permanent repercussions and described the incident as “an accident without a cause.” Not only did King buy Smith’s minivan and then destroyed it with a sledgehammer, he wrote Bryan Smith into the Dark Tower series – he is portrayed as a mentally deficient drug addict.

Inglorious Bastards

After World War II ended, a group of Jewish soldiers banded together who weren’t satisfied with so many of Hitler’s soldiers getting away with their horrible deeds. Calling themselves “The Avengers,” they went on a killing spree of Nazis and SS officers who escaped without punishment for their war crimes until 1960.

No Dogs Allowed

When infamous poet and lothario Lord Byron attended Cambridge, he wanted to bring his dog to live with him. Unfortunately, Cambridge had a strict “no dogs” policy in their dormitories. To communicate his frustration with the rule, he brought a bear to school with him instead.

Woman On A Rampage

When Roman soldiers invaded the Iceni after the death of their King, Queen Boudica and her daughters were flogged and raped, but left alive. By the time she was defeated, Boudica and her army had destroyed three Roman cities, burned London to the ground, and killed over 80,000 Romans.