20 Of The Worst Simpsons Episodes Ever

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No other show can match the run “The Simpsons” has had. They have ran for 25 seasons, showcasing 550+ episodes in which their creative team has showcased its comedic brilliance. It’s no wonder that so many people say this is the best show of all time. However, there are also other people who think that the show has outlived itself. This is because of some of the episodes they’ve had, including these 20 worst episodes ever.

Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

There are probably a lot of people who disagree with this episode being on the list here, but this really is a boring, depressing episode. This is the one in which Maude Flander dies.

Bart-Mangled Manner

This episode is nonsensical and cluttered. Everything in it is just so random. In fact, it’s not even worth trying to explain what happens here.

Black-Eyed Please

The writers of this plot line were sorely lacking. It’s as if they’ve run out of creative juices. This episode is about Lisa’s dream teacher who actually ends up bullying her for no clear reason.

Double, Double, Boy in Trouble

The plot in this episode is unbelievably bad although the episode is funny enough to pull the show through. Some people don’t think it worked at all, thus placing it on the “worst episodes” list.

Homer vs Diginity

The title of this episode is enough to clue you in on how bad it is. Basically, this is one of the many plots they’ve recycled from other episodes. Herein Homer is so low on money he asks his boss, Mr. Burns, for a raise.

In The Name of The Grandfather

Some people will be surprised to see this episode make the list, but a lot of people agree. This show isn’t just full of Irish stereotypes that aren’t funny, but it’s also quite boring.

Lisa The Simpson

Most people don’t like Lisa-centric episodes anyway. They’re self-righteous soapboxes, but this episode is even worse. In it Lisa discovers that she’s right, yet again.

Little Big Girl

Unfortunately, the plot in this episode is quite lacking as it never goes too far. In fact, it’s actually quite ridiculous. Nevertheless, a lot of people still think it’s very funny.

Lost Verizon

While some people actually really like this episode, others think it’s one of the worst episodes ever. This is because of the subplot that adds a twist to the story instead of leaving it alone.

Love Is a Many-Strangled Thing

Here’s an episode that most people would agree was really bad. Although there is one funny moment in this episode — when Bart actually pees his pants.

Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

This is a Christmas episode lacking in jokes, and has Bart recall what he’s done wrong in previous episodes. Not the best episode out there.

Moe Goes From Rags to Riches

This is one of the episodes that commonly makes this type of list. While the idea probably worked well on paper, it certainly was horribly executed.

Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?

The entire 21st season was pretty bad, making this probably one of the best of the worst. However, a lot of people still think it was pretty bad. Herein Bart is on a quest to get a baby brother.

Pranks and Greens

This is a really forgettable episode. While it’s not really offensive, the plot is also quite boring, which is why most people can’t even remember what this episode was all about.

Skinner’s Sense of Snow

How in the world the writers created an episode that should have far reaching effects only to never be seen again leaves many people befuddled here. Nevertheless, Homer supposedly dies only to be seen again in the very next episode.

Smoke on the Daughter

Whoever wrote this episode set out to tackle a controversial subject: second-hand smoke. However, this really isn’t very cartoonish, which is why a lot of people disliked it.

The Boys of Bummer

Yet another episode in which the people of Springfield are acting like idiots. It’s no wonder that this horribly written episode has made the list here. The episode isn’t even funny.

The Principal and the Pauper

Everyone probably agrees that this episode was horrible. This is actually a really confusing episode about Seymour Skinner.

The Tale of 2 Springfields

Here Homer looks like more than an idiot, he actually looks like an imbecile. Homer actually goes too far this time, putting together a mob to attempt blowing up city hall because they changed his area code.

Wedding for Disaster

This episode is okay for the most part, but there was definitely one part that was stupid and actually seemed really out of place. That was the saw parody, which is why this episode makes the list.