20 Of The Worst Simpsons Episodes Ever

No other show can match the run “The Simpsons” has had. They have ran for 25 seasons, showcasing 550+ episodes in which their creative team has showcased its comedic brilliance. It’s no wonder that so many people say this is the best show of all time. However, there are also other people who think that the show has outlived itself. This is because of some of the episodes they’ve had, including these 20 worst episodes ever.

Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

There are probably a lot of people who disagree with this episode being on the list here, but this really is a boring, depressing episode. This is the one in which Maude Flander dies.

Bart-Mangled Manner

This episode is nonsensical and cluttered. Everything in it is just so random. In fact, it’s not even worth trying to explain what happens here.

Black-Eyed Please

The writers of this plot line were sorely lacking. It’s as if they’ve run out of creative juices. This episode is about Lisa’s dream teacher who actually ends up bullying her for no clear reason.

Double, Double, Boy in Trouble

The plot in this episode is unbelievably bad although the episode is funny enough to pull the show through. Some people don’t think it worked at all, thus placing it on the “worst episodes” list.