20 Of The Weirdest Foods People Eat Around The World

Remember when trying sushi was being adventurous? Or Mediterranean food (admit it — hummus was an adventure the first time). It was all so exciting, right? You probably won’t think of it that way after you read about these dishes. Not only will many of these make you want to skip dinner, but you’ll find yourself wondering how in the world someone came up with the idea to eat some of these. Get ready; you won’t believe the bizarre dishes some people are eating around the world! Bon Appetit!

Khash (Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey)

We’re not sure what’s appealing about spooning up a cow’s feet and head, but that’s what you’ll find in this stew. Khash was once popular, but now a delicacy throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Turkey. What, not in the mood for some cow skull today?

Century Eggs (China)

This might be the closest you’ll get to Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, not that you’ll want to after hearing about them. The raw eggs are preserved in a clay, ash and quicklime concoction for a few months. When finished they smell of ammonia and sulphur. So basically, they’re rotten eggs.

Bird Nest’s Soup (Southeast Asia)

Not sure that a bird nest and soup should be mentioned together? They probably shouldn’t. This delicacy is made from the swiftlet bird nest, and no, we’re not talking about sticks and leaves here. The swiftlet bird makes their nest from their own saliva which hardens when it’s exposed to air. Supposedly it tastes rubbery. Ooooh, so that’s what all the fuss is about…. rubber. Yum.

Dragon In The Flame Of Desire (China)

Swooning after hearing the name of this dish? It does sound like a name for some elaborate, romantic dessert. But, it’s not. This popular dish from Guilizhuang restaurant in Bejing is simply a yak’s penis. Yes, you read that right.