20 Of The Weirdest And Rarest Diseases Known To Mankind

Parry-Romberg Syndrome

Parry-Romberg Syndrome is an acquired disorder that medical doctors are unclear as to how a patient contracts the disease. Typically, symptoms appear before the age of 20. Those symptoms include skin and soft tissues on one half of the face beginning to shrink, leading to a non-symmetrical appearance for the victim. Severity varies between those who acquire the disease. Unfortunately, there are no known cures for PRS.

Lamprey Disease

Lamprey Disease was one of the most terrifying diseases said to be spreading among the human population. However, it was later revealed to be an email hoax that preyed on those who would be particularly grossed out by the idea of a body part being replaced by the mouth of a Lamprey. It was said to feature a “toothed, funnel-like sucking mouth” on various body parts, such as in the eye. Thank goodness for this one being called out.