20 Of The Most Perfectly Timed Photos

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes they can be worth even more than that. They tell amazing stories about life and love and, more often than not, stupidity. The following pictures probably won’t seem real to a lot of people – amazing Photoshop creations made to astound those who look at them. But these pictures are anything but fake: they are all original moments, fantastic windows in time that someone had the luck to photograph and the generosity to share with the internet.

Who’s Your Plus One?

Just enjoying a day at the beach with your girls, right? Well, its all fun and games until a wild stingray goes in for that awkward hug.

Stop! Hammer Time!

Its unclear what a group of grown men would need with a large wooden mallet for while eating lunch… until one of them uses it do demonstrate his telekinetic abilities.

Sneaky Little Dude

Who says that photobombs are an exclusively human annoyance? This little sloth gives a new twist on photobombing, but luckily for him he’s absolutely adorable.

Best Furry Friends

Everyone knows dogs are man’s best friend, but what about everyone else? Clearly, adorable banana-eating orangutans are number two on that list.

Bubble Monster

Everyone has fun trying to eat bubbles as a child, but its not a uniquely human experience. This little dog is about to make a meal out of that one.

A Little Testosterone

Sometimes girl power is all you need to make a good picture. And sometimes all you need is a random chubby guy floating on a raft to make it a great one.

Put Some Clothes On

When taking a photo, there are bad angles and then there are BAD angles. Unfortunately for the guy relaxing in the background, this pictures qualifies as the latter.

Percy Little Puppy

Its only natural for little puppies to want to play with and chew on everything and apparently that includes bikini tie strings. We’re sure this little guy doesn’t have any idea what he’s about to do…

Party Trick

Birds don’t seem like the kind to play with their food, but apparently they do. I wonder how many it could catch in a row…

I Am Aquaman

A mermaid is a mythical creature with the head, arms and torso of a human and the tail of a fish. So what do you call a thing that has the head of a fish and the body of a human?

The World’s Favorite Sport

Football/Soccer is a beloved sport around the world played by greatly respected athletes. What you may not know is that these athletes have many hobbies outside of the sport that they like to indulge in; for instance the guy in this picture enjoys a little amateur proctology.


Bald eagles are fierce birds that the USA proudly identifies as its national bird. But who knew that jet power could make them even more awesome.

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Just a casual day of wind surfing and making new friends, right? Whales totally make the perfect aerial selfie companions.

Bird Fight

You’ve heard of the movie Karate Dog. Now comes the sequel – Karate Birds: The Fight For Seed!


By now everyone’s heard about that Russian man who has volunteered to be the world’s first head transplant patient. What you didn’t know is that they are clearly experimenting with replacing the head with other bodily appendages as well.


Selfies are an important part of modern culture, a way to remember the very best parts of yourself… until your best friend jumps in a totally ruins it by making a wacky face!

Celebrity Etiquette

The Academy Awards is a prestigious institution for the greatest cinematic artists in the world. And yet just because they are super rich and amazingly talented doesn’t mean they’re also not total goofballs — yes, we’re looking at you, Cumberbatch!

Bearing Fail

Being in the military is serious business, so it’s very important that you keep your bearing during parade formations… unless of course you have a yawn that you’ve just been dying to let go of.

Super Boys

Lots of fraternities have rites of passage and special initiations to guarantee inclusion into their brotherhood. Looks like that in order to join this frat you have to be able to levitate.

Butting In

Dogs are known to have unfailing affection for their owners. This pooch certainly puts the meaning into, “I love you, but…”