20 Of The Most Fun And Shocking Ice Cubes You Should Have In Your Summer Drinks

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It’s summer and summertime means ice cubes in your drinks, from vodka on the rocks to lemonade and sun tea. If you like to have fun, you’ll definitely want to find some of these crazy (and sometimes shocking) ice cube trays. They are perfect for themed parties or just to shock a random guest. Some of these ice cube trays are cute. Some of them are weird or strange. And, you’ll even find a couple that will shock you. Check out these 20 ice cube trays we’ve found across the web.

Gun Cubes

An ice cube gun may be the one gun you can take with you no matter where you go. These are great cube trays for deer camp and more.

Shark Cubes

Shark Week may already be over, but this ice cube mold is the perfect way to keep living shark week all year round in your own home.

Skull and Cross Bone Cubes

No one wants to find bones in their meal, but what about bones in your drink? These are great fun for pirate parties or just to cool off your water.

Pot Cubes

Celebrate your love of marijuana with these pot leaf cubes. You won’t even get arrested for having these leaves on you.

Brain Cube

This ice cube won’t make you smarter, but it is the perfect ice cube for the intelligent, and can double for Halloween parties!

Penis Cubes

While these may be most commonly used for bachelorette parties, they can also be a great way to shock your in-laws when they come up to visit this summer.

Darth Vader Cubes

If you want to join the dark side, these are the perfect ice cubes for you.

The Statue Of Liberty Cube

The detail of this ice cub makes it the most shocking of all. As she melts into your drink you may feel like you are on Planet Of The Apes.

Paw Cubes

If you have a pet that walks all over you, or a cat that likes to put their paws in your drink, why not put some paws in your drink?

Cat Cubes

Add some cat shaped cubes to your drinks and the cat hair will start to look like it belongs there.

Lego Cubes

If you’re not afraid to have kids playing with their drinks, try out these cool Lego ice cubes.

Leg Lamp Cubes

Celebrate Christmas all year with these great cubes. Relive that shocking moment when the family opens the box up to find this crazy leg lamp.

Titanic Cubes

The sinking of the Titanic was shocking enough, now you can recreate it in your drinks, minus the tragedies and Di Caprio.

Bullet Cubes

You may want to have these with your gun cubes. Perfect for the policeman’s ball!

Shark Fin Cubes

If you think the 3D shark isn’t dramatic enough, relive the attack of jaws with these shark fin ice cubes.

Teeth Cubes

Worried about granny dropping her fake teeth in her drink? Use these cubes and fool her into thinking she did.

Dinosaur Bone Cubes

If you can get past the fact that you have bones floating in your drink, these are perfect for kid’s parties. Freeze milk in them and they’ll look like real bones.

Vampire Teeth Cubes

These ice cubes will take a bite out of you if they don’t melt first. May be best saved for Halloween, but any vampire fan would love them year round.

Grenade Cubes

If you want your party to blow up, use these.

Boob Cubes

Not only is boob cubes fun to say, but these shocking cubes are perfect for any guys party, from bachelor parties to the Super Bowl.