20 Of The Most Cringe-Worthy Celebrity Tweets Ever

Cee Lo Green

Singer Cee Lo Green found himself in some very hot water over a tweet in September of 2014. Green tweeted, “if someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent.” His tweet was interpreted as him saying sexual assault is only sexual assault if the other person is conscious. Not long after the backlash began, Green apologized and also deleted his Twitter account.

Scott Baio

Actor Scott Baio, best known for his roles on Charles in Charge and Happy Days, became another celeb guilty of a cringeworthy tweet when he posted, “Taxes are DONE…That should feed, house & provide medical for a few lazy non working people at my expense. Have a great Monday!” This offensive tweet made news and sparked several heated discussions, including arguments between himself, his wife, and popular blog, Gawker.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Taylor Armstrong’s husband, Russell, tragically committed suicide, and it didn’t take long for rapper Ice-T to tweet something offensive about it. He wrote, “Bad Joke… But alotta those wives would make me consider it,” and he certainly wasn’t wrong about it being a bad joke and the backlash he received proved it.

Keri Hilson

After posting an offensive tweet about deceased singer Amy Winehouse, singer Keri Hilson upset Winehouse’s vast fan base. Wilson posted, “*gasp* Amy Winehouse resurrected to party w/ me!!! (seriously, uncanny resemblance)” after encountering a drunken Winehouse lookalike. Hilson also upset Winehouse’s fan-base shortly after Winehouse’s death when she wrote, “Amy Winehouse…so tragic. I loved her. She inspired me! I kept hoping she’d find a happier place than her self destructive state…damn.”