10 Sex Tapes From High-Profile Rappers

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Within the world of Hollywood – and, really, anyone famous at all – a sex tape is the one thing that can either give your career a boost that it needs or kill it off completely. A lot of famous individuals have had their sex tapes released without their knowledge at first, and then their agents and publicists tend to try and work with whoever they possibly can to ensure everything is covered up and goes quiet as quickly as possible. Rappers, however, don’t generally mind when a sex tape is released, but it still affects them differently. Here are ten well known rappers who had tapes, either rumored or released.


Dorrough, the Dallas rapper, was preparing to launch his second worldwide album, Get Big, back in 2010 when his cell phone was stolen. Footage on said phone was of a sexual nature, and it ended up being released to the world. The young rapper acknowledged the footage.


Way back in 2005, Eve had a sex tape with Stevie J. The former Ruff Ryders woman had the FBI involved after the sex tape was leaked to the world. In 2012, she spoke on the subject, saying she had no idea who was involved and wouldn’t name anyone if she did.

Foxy Brown

In 2009, rumors of a sex tape between Foxy Brown and Maino began to spread after a screenshot from said video was shown. The woman in the video slightly resembled the female rapper, but both artists denied it had ever happened.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is known for her body as much as her rapping, and she made headlines when her ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine, threatened to release a sex tape to Vivid Entertainment for a huge paycheck – over seven figures. She sued, of course, and settled out of court this year.

J. Cole

J. Cole sings a lot about romance and treating women right, but back in 2011, he and Rihanna were said to have come together during the Loud tour. Hustler magazine claims they had a copy of the sex tape, but the two singers laughed the rumors away on social media networks.

Kanye West

Back in 2012, Kanye West allegedly made a sex tape with a woman who appeared to look like Kim Kardashian. This video was said to have been stolen from his house. Not long after, a second tape was said to have surfaced. A bidding war reached $5 million for said tape.

Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust, of Love and Hip Hop, recorded and “leaked” a sex tape between her and her boyfriend, Nikko London, just this year. They admitted the video was staged, though, and claimed it had been stolen from her bag in London. The two brought in $400,000 for the tape.

Nate Dogg

In what is to be considered an incredibly weird rumor, Nate Dogg is said to have had a sex tape recorded many years before he died. The rumors, thankfully, died out and a tape of this nature was never released.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, obviously, has been linked to multiple sex tapes over the past few years. The first rumors came in 2010 just before her debut album launched, and was said to bring in $100,000. A second tape, one with Big Sean, was then rumored. Neither tape ever surfaced, though.

Soulja Boy

Back in 2011, a sex tape between Soulja Boy, one of his female friends and another 23-year-old girl was rumored. The tape also alleged that Soulja Boy was using illegal drugs.