20 Of The Hottest Male Reality TV Stars Right Now

In this day and age, reality television has come to take over a lot of the programming on television. No matter where you look, there is some kind of singing competition or cameras following some family around for viewers to enjoy the drama. Viewers also enjoy looking at the eye candy that may pop up on their screen, especially when they take their shirts off on Dancing with the Stars. So, we compiled a list of the 20 hottest male reality TV stars out there right now, for you to enjoy.

Adam Levine

People named him the Sexiest Man Alive in 2013 and we are not going to argue with their logic. He makes us swoon while a coach on The Voice. Heck, even Blake Shelton has a bromance with him!

Derek Hough

Dancers have amazing bodies, as seen by Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars. He is a fan favorite and we can see why. Good looks run in the family, as his sister Julianne Hough is easy on the eyes also.