20 Of The Funniest Google Search Suggestions Ever

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We all use Google: the world’s most effective and ubiquitous search engine. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find someone you know that isn’t constantly amazed at this wonderful technological advancement we have at our finger tips. What many don’t know is that Google functions off of a complex search algorithm created by the company’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This algorithm is patented, fast, and extremely effective. However, sometimes the search algorithm, which also makes some impressive guesses as to what you’re looking for faster than you can type, comes up with some pretty funny results. So, without further ado, here are the top 20 funniest google search suggestions ever.

Laying On The Floor, Pretending You’re A Carrot

We’re not sure why Google’s search algorithm would suggest such a thing unless someone had actually made that search at some point.

Accidentally Slept With Your Sister?

Again, we’re not sure how else this could have been suggested other than someone at some point made that search.

Monkeys Are People Too

Yes they are Google, monkeys are good people. They also appear to be breaking out of the zoo…

Toothpaste Factory Prisoner

We were left wondering if Google had any suggestions for escaping from the toothpaste factory…

Eating Gifted Children To Gain Their Intelligence

We’re pretty sure Google is just confused here, at least we hope…

Dinosaurs Were Made Up By The CIA

We knew it! Sure, it leaves us wondering where all those fossils came from, but still!

Ginger Kids Bite!

Ginger kids are running wild like it’s the Zombie Apocalypse! Quick, someone get on Google and check if there’s a remedy…

Dinosaurs Don’t Know That No Means No

We don’t know what to say to this one, because it just makes no sense. There are 1,180 results for this search!

Glee Sang It First

We should have seen this one coming, we knew that someone somewhere had to think that Glee sang all those hits first.

Jesus Is A What?

We actually had to double check this one and yup, someone somewhere was a mischievous badger.

Not That! Anything But That!

What kind of pervert uses comic sans when they’re alone!?!

Cats Like Hitler

This is why we were always dog people.

All Of These Suggestions Are Great

We weren’t surprised by any of these, we were just shocked that none of these are that reasonable for top searches regarding Lady Gaga.

Australians Don’t Like Nickelback

We know Australia, we don’t either.

Rhinos Are Unicorns

Interesting theory Google, very interesting theory. We had to think this one through…

Cupcakes Are Minerals

Does Google even know what a mineral is?

Giraffe Swallowing Toy Jets

This is actually a really useful search, we just got a pet giraffe and want to know what to do in dangerous situations.

Hitting Like A Girl

This just makes no sense. Also, “How do generators work”???

Chuck Norris Can Do Anything

This is the first search suggestion that makes sense! As everyone knows, Chuck Norris can do anything.

Getting Sweaty Watching TV

Not just any TV, but COPS. That show got us worked up too. Or maybe we just needed to turn down the thermostat…