10 Extremely Horrifying Museums That Will Give You Nightmares

Inspiring artworks, astonishing masterpieces, learning, beauty and creativity are usually words that people think of when it comes to museums. However, the following 10 museums could not be any different. Coming straight out of your worst dreams, these museums tend to celebrate the unnatural, bizarre and downright horrifying, while giving visitors a tickling sense of paranoia, to keep them entertained. Whether you are a true brave heart and are willing to visit them all or you’d just like to learn a little more about the obscurities of humanity, here are 10 of the most horrifying museums that will definitely give you nightmares.

Musee Dupuytren in Paris, France

Opening its doors in 1835 by a French anatomist who had the strange hobby of collecting malformed fetuses and human organs, the Musee Dupuytren in Paris contains more than 6,000 different items of this kind. From dozens upon dozens of liquid filled jars containing deformed human body parts and babies born with different disorders, the museum also takes things one step further by featuring wax models of human heads with bizarre cysts and birth defects.

Lombroso’s Museum of Criminal Anthropology in Turin, Italy

Obsessed with the idea that deviant behavior and criminal tendencies go hand in hand, Cesare Lmborso, a criminal physiognomist, collected and dissected the heads of madmen, criminals and ordinary citizens. Born out of this obsession and opening its doors in 1898, the Italian Museum of Criminal Anthropology features as many as 400 human skulls as well as antique instruments and weapons used in actual crimes, images of dissections and full-sized real skeletons.