20 Of The Best T-Shirts To Wear This Summer

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Summertime is here and who doesn’t love to wear a t-shirt, whether it’s to a volleyball game on the beach, outside to shoot some hoops, or just for a night at the bar. You should wear a t-shirt that tells people something, one that maybe even makes them laugh a little, or a lot. There are plenty of great, hilarious, and sometimes shocking, t-shirts available. Take a look at these funny t-shirts and try not to laugh too hard.

Be A Sexist

This shirt is a contradiction and it’s sure to shock some people and make others laugh until they pee their pants.


Summer is about grilling. This is the perfect shirt for the man at the grill.

The Beer?

Is it a bear? Is it a deer? Alright, just give me a beer. Hunters and drinkers will love this one.

Cat Person

This t-shirt gives you a new take on the meaning of cat person. Unless they have a good sense of humor, cat people probably won’t like this shirt.

The Pooper

For the guy, or girl, that just won’t stop talking about their bowel movements, here is the perfect shirt.

Problem Solver

Speaking of people that won’t shut up, here is the answer to that problem.

Minus The Vulgarity

It’s nice when a t-shirt can be vulgar without spelling it out.


It’s time to go back and try this all over again, we messed up. This t-shirt says it all.

The Divorce

Recently divorced? Here’s a shirt for you. Hopefully she never sees it or she’ll be complaining that you called her fat.

Stop Talking

Are you one of those people that just gets tired of random strangers having conversations with you? Get this — they might shut up.

Welcome To Fatherhood

Some dads still find time for gaming after the kids are born, but wake them up to reality with this shirt.

Peas Please

This one is funny, yet extremely stupid.

Mr . Right

This shirt just might help women learn that there really is no Mr. Right.

Drunk Shirt

This is the perfect bar-attire for both men and women alike.

Something Came Back From Vegas

Some things that happen in Vegas come back with you. If you have one of them, this shirt is hilarious and adorable.

And Drunker

Even sober, this one will have you laughing. Read it slow, and out loud. It’s better that way.

Kitties Or Titties?

This t-shirt with a little word play on it may get you some slaps or some flashes, or maybe you’ll be petting someone’s pussycat.

Do It? I Did It?

This shirt is perfect for almost any occasion, as it can have multiple meanings.

T-Rex Motivational Speaker

He’ll motivate you to get to it, since you’ll feel bad that he can’t.

Dads With Daughters

This is a shirt that every dad wants, and needs, to own. Watch out, boys.