20 Of Strangest People You’ll Ever See On The Subway

One of the greatest achievements of our increasingly urban world is the subway train. Cheap, public transportation that quickly gets people across vast distances without the use of a car – is it any wonder millions use city subways for their daily commute? With so many people commuting on subways, it’s inevitable that some whacky things will happen – and that got us thinking. What are some of the craziest things ever seen on a subway? What we found had us rolling in the aisle (pun intended). So, without further ado, here are 20 Of The Strangest People You’ll Ever See On The Subway.

Sleeping While Eeading

We love that this guy is getting so much done on his commute – sleep, commuting, and reading!

Group Nap

We would love to know if these four men came to an agreement to sleep on each other’s shoulder while on this train ride.

R.E.M. Cycle

Based on her posture and head position, this girl is clearly deep into a subway power nap.

Make Yourself Comfortable

We’re sure that most subway systems want their riders to be comfortable, but do they want them to be this comfortable?