20 Babies Whose Hair Game Is On-Point

Babies are often the subject of bald jokes, because, well, they’re often bald. You’ve probably heard some sort of comparison to babies and very old men, thanks to their similarities in lack of hair and teeth. Lucky for babies, bald is beautiful and on them it’s especially cute. Some babies break the bald or nearly-bald norm and have stunning heads of hair. They may only be a few months old, but these 20 babies have already managed to make adults all over the world jealous of their lovely hairdos.

Thick and Dark

This sweet baby has not only a super-cute face going for him, but that hair? Amazing!

Curls For Days

We’d all be smiling that big if we had enough gorgeous hair to last us three lifetimes!

Look Familiar?

Could this be a baby photo of Donald Trump? Or simply an impeccable imposter?

Emo Baby

This grumpy baby has the punk-rock hair going on to match his mood! Or else he is just really staticky.

What An Angel

If this baby hasn’t been hired to play baby cupid, someone needs to reevaluate that decision!

So Fresh

This tiny cutie isn’t more than a few days old and is already rocking stunning jet-black hair. Jealous!

Red Velvet

If you weren’t a fan of red hair before, you certainly will be now. This little girl is simply stunning!

Bang On

People will literally try for years to get their bangs like this, and this tot is just so over being asked her hair secrets.

Let It Be

This baby is either a really big fan of the Beatles and their hairstyles, or his parents are. Either way, looking good!

How Shocking!

Was this baby just caught with her finger in an electric socket? Looks like there’s some static electricity running through that wild hair!

Mob Boss

This baby has the grumpy look and amazing hair it takes to play a mob boss in a movie. He’s got a big career ahead of himself!

Better Than Bieber

No, this isn’t a baby Justin Bieber. But it is a baby who rocks the side-swept look better than Bieber!

Bed Head

People spend hours and hours on their hair trying to make it look like they didn’t spend any time at all; as if they just woke up with it looking that great. This baby has beautiful bed hair down perfectly, and all it took was a good nap!

Up, Up, and Away!

This is the perfect hairstyle for a baby whose height is about to be measured. You know what they say, “every inch counts!”

Hair Professor

This little girl has the most amazing volume and height to her hair. What’s her secret?

So Trendy!

This baby girl rocks mini-buns way better than Miley Cyrus ever could. It’s the third one that makes all the difference!

No Pictures Please

Pictures say a thousand words, and this picture is saying, “Mom, please no more pictures. I need to get ready for my Green Day audition!”

Hair DO!

This little baby has some of the best hair for not only a baby, but any human ever, and the smile to go with it. Good work!


It appears this baby’s parents were able to capture the exact moment he first looked in a mirror and realized what he had going on up top.

The Winner Is…

This baby takes the cake for the Most Epic Hair Do EVER! Normally babies have to grow into their features, but this baby just has to grow into his head of hair.