20 Of Lady Gaga’s Craziest Outfits

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We all know that Lady Gaga is a singer and she has sold many albums throughout her career, but she is probably better known for the crazy way she dresses. We have seen her in everything from a meat dress to a dress made out of frogs, yet she continues to surprise us every day with her different outfits. Because of that, we decided to compile a list of the wackiest outfits Lady Gaga has ever worn and you can check them out right here!

Meat Dress

Of all the outfits, the famous meat dress has to be the winner of the wackiest. Lady Gaga wore this to the 2010 Video Music Awards on MTV and it was one of many crazy outfits that night from her.

Frog Jacket

Lady Gaga made an appearance on German TV wearing a jacket of frogs. Kermit the Frog must have been an inspiration for her at that time.

Inflatable Star

To help celebrate the end of her ARTPOP tour, Lady Gaga wore this inflatable star dress while out partying in Paris. This does compete with the meat dress for one of the craziest looks from her.

Black Mask

Lady Gaga wore a sheer lace bodysuit and that huge black mask for the MAC Viva Glam Launch, who happened to name a lipstick after her. She may wear crazy outfits, but she does good too. All the proceeds from the lipstick sales went to benefit the MAC AIDS Fund.

Silver Checkered Bodysuit

Lady Gaga is the only person who can wear something like this to the Louvre in Paris and pull it off. She added in the silver mop hair to complete the crazy look.

Crazy Headdress

We are not even sure what this is supposed to be, but it is Lady Gaga out promoting her ARTPOP album in Berlin. It is a hairy block, so any guesses on what she was going for?

White Fluffy Cloud

Apparently Lady Gaga doesn’t need to see when she walks, as she covers her face again in this white, fluffy thing. Maybe she was going for a white Big Bird, but be safe with your walking girl!

Purple Hair Dress

She switched it up to purple this time, as the hair continued to flow for Lady Gaga. A dress made from purple hair. It would be a nice dress, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s made of hair.

Reindeer Outfit

Lady Gaga was feeling in the Christmas spirit, as this was her outfit for the Jingle Bell Ball concert. She just needs the red nose and we would have Rudolph here.

Red Lace Catsuit

Sometimes Lady Gaga just lets it all hang out. She is wearing a red lace catsuit here and what looks like a sun attached to her hair. She may have had panties on, but there’s no bra.

Red Mask

This was just the start for Lady Gaga, as she accepted her Best New Artist award at the 2009 VMA’s. With the red lace dress and mask, she needed help getting up on the stage.

Black Headdress

That headdress is so intense, but is anyone else getting a Cher vibe from this one? We hope she wasn’t planning on driving anywhere that night, as that would be difficult getting into a car.

White Tiered Dress

Maybe without that wild hair and the top tier, this could be a good look for Lady Gaga. It is a classy look, but a little too overdone for us.

Mona Lisa Dress

This is more on the mild side for Lady Gaga, but it is also a dress with Mona Lisa on it. In a weird way, do you notice a similarity between the two in the photo?

Pearl Outfit

There are a lot of pearls going on for this outfit, but not enough for Lady Gaga. To add more to it, she decided to glue more pearls to her face and body.


From the wings to the blue ball on her chest, this is a wild look from her ARTPOP tour. That was a wild time for her, as many outfits on the list come from that tour. We are guessing it was one wild concert.

Face Cage

Lady Gaga was heading out on the town in New York City and we are guessing that she did not want to be touched that night. She is donning a face cage to keep the hands away from her face.

Sexy Teeth

Lady Gaga decided to add a grill for the YouTube Awards, but it actually wasn’t a grill, it was a bracelet. Anyone else getting a Michael Jackson vibe from this one?

Purple Dress

It was time for the Grammy Awards and Lady Gaga went with this purple, wired dress. How about those shoes too? She looks like something you’d expect from Cinderella’s stepsisters.

Feather Dress

Lady Gaga definitely likes feathers and weird masks. She also likes wearing anything see-through, like this dress. Not sure who would put this all together, but Lady Gaga does and makes it work.