20 Movies Based Off Video Games That Are Terrible

Max Payne

The Max Payne series is perhaps one of the most grittiest video games ever made. It featured a haunting story line of a man hunting for redemption and included some highly stylized action sequences in the game that were revolutionary at the time. The movie retained the stylized elements from the game but focused on not much else, thereby failing to successfully adapt an already strong plot line.

Dead Or Alive

This film felt less like a video game adaptation and more of cross-over between Mortal Kombat and Charlie’s Angels. The action was weak and so was the acting and story line.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is yet another example of an exemplary fighting series that should have simply stayed a video game. Instead, we got a half-baked attempt at tying together the backgrounds of some legendary characters and tarnishing their name forever.


If you have ever played any game in the Hitman franchise, you would know that you require a lot of patience and skill to maneuver your way through the game. Adapting the game into film form requires the same set of skills which were clearly lacking in the first installment of the movie. The second part just hit the theaters and it appears to be worse than the first, if that is even possible.