These 20 Amazing Facts About The World Will Blow Your Mind

How much does a hummingbird weigh? Are there any Olympic Games that have ever been removed from the roster? Did you know that someone’s initials are actually on the moon? Or that the vast majority of the human race has NEVER seen a single snowflake – not even once? It’s hard to believe but there’s a lot about our world that many of us just don’t know. Keep clicking to learn fascinating facts about the universe around us.

Make sure to bathe regularly

Believe it or not, there are more organisms living on your skin than there are people in the world.

Since 2012 over 200 researchers from some 80 research institutions comprising the Human Microbiome Project Consortium used advanced DNA-sequencing to identify the thousands of different microorganisms co-existing with humans.

The result? There are billions of bacteria, fungi, and archaea living on your skin every second of your life. Don’t worry, though, they form a normal part of healthy human physiology.

True Friendship Between Otters

Sea Otters, perhaps the cuddliest of sea mammals, hold hands while they sleep!

The animals, which can be found in the Northern Pacific Ocean often float in groups when they eat, rest and in this case sleep. A “raft” of otters ranges from just two to hundreds of the little creatures. So, why do they hold hands? It isn’t because they like to be close to their friends – it’s one of two ways they make sure they don’t float away from the larger group. Another method is the use of various marine plants as a kind of tether.