20 Most Evil Robots In Movies

Auto In Wall-E

Auto is programmed to not let humans return to Earth, no matter what. Despite the fact that Auto isn’t actually making this choice, he’s definitely evil because he almost kills one of the most lovable robots of all time: Wall-E!

ED-209 In RoboCop

Like RoboCop, ED-209 is created to enforce the law but unfortunately lacks the heart that RoboCop brings with his human component. Without the ability to feel, ED-209 simply becomes a ruthless killing machine.

Mechagodzilla In Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

Mechagodzilla is definitely the bad guy, especially since Godzilla has already made peace with mankind in this movie. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mechagodzilla is controlled by aliens, making him totally evil.

AMEE In Red Planet

AMEE represents our greatest fear of robots: one second they’re helpful and then suddenly they turn against humans. AMEE definitely makes us question buying a robot to help around the house.