10 Of The Highest Paying Jobs In 2016

We’re finally a few months into 2016, and a lot of people have started to graduate from both college and high school this month and next. The job market is in a state of flux right now, with many new opportunities popping up, high-paying jobs coming and going, and a lot of people finding their college degrees somewhat useless in the market at the moment. Just like the housing market, the job market tends to shift and change with ease. Of course, aiming for one of the highest-paying jobs of 2016 certainly won’t hurt. Here are the ten most high-paying jobs of 2016.

Solution Architect

A solution architect, or systems architect, is responsible for designing and organizing a computer system and applications for use by a big company or organization. They make $113,000 on average.


Lawyers are known to advise and represent individuals and businesses alike in matters of the law. They are generally paid by the hour, and usually upwards of 100 an hour. They make around $113,000.