20 Hilarious Pizza Box Instructions That Turned Out Perfect

When pizza delivery companies added a box for “special instruction” on their online delivery pages, they were probably expecting to get answers along the lines of “don’t ring the doorbell, it doesn’t work” or “come around to the backdoor, please“. However, the internet has, of course, taken a good thing– and made it a whole lot better. By putting funny “instructions” with their orders, some individuals have gotten amazing results from the most talented pizza makers ever. Here is a collection of some of the best.

“Draw A Picture Of Abraham Lincoln”

Not only did this pizza employee deliver on the Abe, but he or she took it a whole other step forward by adding some very punny text.

“Draw An Awkward Penguin”

It’s okay, Pizza Hut. Your employees’ lack of talent made this pizza box even more hilarious, with the most awkward penguin the world has ever seen.

“Draw A Panda Riding A Giraffe Holding A Red Solo Cup”

An imaginative request, and a wonderful delivery. We wish we could party with a panda this cool.

“Draw A Bear”

What a friendly looking guy, right? If he hadn’t already taken the liberty of grabbing a slice for himself, we’d be happy to share.