20 Hilarious Commuters Sleeping In Strange Positions

Most of us have experienced the agony of a long public commute. You’re stuck on the bus, airplane or train for hours waiting to get to your destination, and the sleepier you become the more you notice just how uncomfortable you are. You may look quite ridiculous and notice that people are staring. Do you really care? No, not even a little bit because you’re getting a much needed nap during your commute. We are just so thankful that someone had a camera!

Twist And Snooze

This business man happened to find a way to get in just the right position for a nap.

Cozy Cool Couple

These two actually look very comfortable while still maintaining a level of swag.

No More Reading

I’m sure she didn’t make it very far through the magazine that she was reading.

Here’s A Win

You could just rest your head on your knees. He makes this look easy.