20 Hidden Secrets Of The Deep Blue Sea

Mauna Kea – Hawaii

Hawaii is a huge tourist hot spot, and it’s not hard to see why. With some of the warmest tropical waters around, the island system is a diver’s paradise. Mauna Kea mountain is the cream of the underwater crop, measuring a height of a whopping 10,100m! Although most of the mountain exists under the water, it is officially the earth’s tallest point, and hosts a dormant volcano system.

Cocos Island – Costa Rica

If you’re a fan of sharks, then you have to head to Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica. A diver’s fantasy, the island’s waters are home to dozens of varieties of the fish, who manage to live alongside one another with very little trouble. Other marine life in the area is also worth a see; it’s no wonder that the area is such a diver’s dream!

Cleopatra’s Heracleion – Egypt

There’s no denying the fact that Egypt is home to one of the most fascination historical cultures in the world. If you look under the water, however, you might be surprised as to what you will find. The ancient city of Heracleion lies metres below the water, having sunk more than a millennium ago. The underwater archaeological site is home to dozens of ancient sculptures, including those believed to have belonged to Cleopatra herself!

Lion City – China

If you thought that Atlantis was the stuff of fairy tales, then think again. While Lion City might be a man-made underwater structure, it is the closest to the lost city that most of us will ever get, and can be freely explored by divers. China’s ancient Lion City was flooded in 1959 in order to make way for a new power station and even after lying underwater for over 50 years, the city still remains largely intact.