20 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities For The Whole Family

Hide and Seek

Want a way to keep the children entertained and bond as a family on a budget? Well you can’t go wrong with hide and seek as it requires no equipment and is incredibly easy to play. The entire family will have loads of fun as they hunt and hide from each other. Be careful before you start playing though — try to keep tools and other dangerous items out of places where your kids are likely to hide so that they don’t hurt themselves.

Movie Night

Sometimes there can be nothing better than relaxing with a great movie or going out to the cinema to catch the latest blockbuster. Watching movies can help the entire family bond, just make sure you watch something everyone will enjoy. Streaming services such as Netflix offer a large range of movies, so we’re sure there’ll be one on there for you. Don’t forget the snacks, drinks and popcorn.

Do A Jigsaw

Jigsaws and other puzzle games are a nice way to spend an afternoon together as a family. Whether you can’t go outside for whatever reason or just want to have a quiet day in, doing a puzzle with the children can be a good way to not only have entertain them but also get their brains working. Just make sure that you are there to help and that the puzzle isn’t too difficult, otherwise their attention might wane.


A BBQ is a traditional family activity that has provided food and fun for decades. They are the perfect way to get together with friends, giving a centerpiece to an outdoor party on particularly sunny days. Even if you don’t want to host so many people, a BBQ can still be ideal for just you and the kids.