10 Interesting Facts Worth Knowing About Beer

Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. It is also the third-most famous drink after water and tea. People throughout the world love beer. An average American drinks 23 gallons of the beverage per year. Beer forms part of the culture of beer-drinking countries and is linked with social traditions such as beer festivals. Furthermore, a few archaeologists speculate that beer was instrumental in the formation of several civilizations. Here are some more interesting facts about this most loved beverage.


The Egyptians constructed the pyramids under the influence. According to biomolecular archaeologist Patrick McGovern, workers at Giza received as much as four liters of beer per day.

Heart Attack

Israeli researchers showed that consuming one beer (12 ounces) per day for one month produced changes in blood chemistry that are linked with a decreased risk of heart attack. These changes are most likely produced by the high polyphenol content of beer.