20 Fashion Trends That Killed And Maimed People

Laughing Gas

Parties and drugs have always gone together and in turn of the 19th century England, Nitrous Oxide was the drug of choice. While it can be harmless when ingested in small amounts, excessive use has been known to cause deaths, even as recently as in the last 5 years.

Scheele’s Green

The color green was very popular in the early 1800’s. The popular of all the green dyes was known as “Scheele’s Green” which was used in just about everything from dresses to wallpaper. What many didn’t realize was that the dye was made of copper arsenate which, when it became damp, converted into poison arsenic gas that slowly killed anyone who had prolonged contact with it

Tanning Beds

Though this trend is a more recent one, tanning beds have proven to be very deadly. With the tanning fad starting in the 1970’s, the FDA has done studies that show people who use tanning beds regularly, increase their chances of getting skin cancer by 75%.

Radium Clocks

Accessories are as important to home decorating as they are to personal fashion. In the early 1900’s one such piece of home decor were clocks decorated with radium-based paint for a glowing effect. Unfortunately the paint was so toxic that it led to excruciating illness and slow agonizing deaths for the factory workers who made the clocks.