10 Systems Of Writing Humanity May Never Decipher

Without a single language in the world everything would be vastly different today. Most people would agree that the spoken and written languages of every single culture on this planet help with human expression and creativity. Language allows us to communicate with our friends and family, it allows us to share our findings, or to discover something new. Before the invention of the telephone and email, most people simple wrote down their thoughts or spoke them out loud and in person. Things were so different back then. Here are ten systems of writing humanity may never decipher.

The Singapore Stone

The Singapore Stone is a single piece of a massive sandstone slab that once stood along the mouth of the Singapore River. The slab, which is thought to come from the thirteenth century, features writing that no scientist has been able to decipher thus far.


Rongorongo is a mysterious system of glyphs discovered within the nineteenth century on the famous Easter Island. They appear to be writing or proto-writing, though some of it resembles a calendar. Not a single of the glyphs can be read, though.