20 Dumb Things Drunk People Are Guilty Of

When people drink alcohol they tend to either turn into incredibly angry individuals or very happy ones. However, there is a third category of drunk people — the dumb people. Sometimes you know you’ve had too much to drink when you attempt to ship yourself to another continent, or perhaps you’ve been caught using a taco as your only form of identification. Those are just two instances people have been caught in a drunken stupor. There are plenty more awaiting your incredible laugh.

Taco ID

Unfortunately, in the state of Florida, tacos are not a valid form of identification when you are pulled over. One man thought it would be a good idea to hand one over after passing out drunk in the drive-thru of a local Taco Bell restaurant.

Shipping Container

After a little too much drinking, one eastern Chinese resident awoke to find himself sealed in a 60-foot shipping container headed across the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles. The man thought the container was a casual bed and breakfast.


Most people drink a lot and then get really hungry for something greasy. Burgers are usually a really good choice when you’ve had a little too much. One man fell asleep at the wheel in a Burger King drive-thru window for 2 hours.

Sexual Healing

A lot of people get really amorous when they drink, but a 25-year-old wanted to get frisky with nothing but the ambulance he found parked. Of course, his little act didn’t work on the bonnet of the ambulance, so he was arrested.