20 Doctored Photographs That Will Blow Your Mind

Art-director Stephen McMennamy was inspired by Instagram to make a series of bizarre mashups. They look photoshopped, but they are only two pictures pasted together seamlessly. The creator says that often it was only a matter of adjusting the size of the images. In any case, these “combophotos” as he calls them will mess with your head and maybe give you something to think about. Maybe it will inspire you to create some art of your own.

French Fry Cigarettes?

What is worse for your health, eating french fries or smoking? Which would be harder to give up?

This Girl Just Didn’t Know When To Stop

This little girl wanted so much ice cream that someone could ski down it. Or there is an invasion of small people trying to ski down our ice cream cones and this is photo evidence?

Someone Is Hungry This Morning

This fun mashup creates an image of the biggest bowl of cereal ever.

Someone Was Hungry This Evening

Who was so hungry they needed a forklift to pick up their meatball?