20 Delicious And Healthy Foods For Diabetics

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is high in calories, but it is packed with good fats, and it can help curb your appetite. Pair it with apples or whole grain breads to get some great weight loss benefits. You can also try peanut oil when you are craving fried foods.


Nuts burn slow, because they are high in protein and fiber, so they don’t cause blood sugar spikes. They also offer you a lot of energy, and they taste great alone, or added to smoothies and salads.

Olive Oil

There are a few great oils that make good replacements for vegetable, corn, and canola oil. Olive oil is one of them. Use it in cooking for a heart healthy oil. It’s also great mixed with some garlic and Italian herbs to use as a dip for whole grain breads.


Seaweed is an acquired taste, but those people that have fallen in love with it will let you know that it has some great benefits. It can help with weight loss and even works to prevent diabetes. For some flavor, try dried seaweed with coconut oil or sea salt and vinegar. They make a great replacement for potato chips.