20 Deadliest Floods In World History

1911 Yangtze River Flood

Known for being the longest river in Asia, it’s also been involved in a few of China’s major floodings. The second-most deadliest happened in 1911 when the death toll is estimated at over 100,000.

1971 Hanoi and Red River Delta Flood

During the Vietnam War, the land around Hanoi was devastated when flooding took well over 100,000 lives away. Because of the war, there isn’t really even a close estimate to how many people died, but there over 7 million people that currently live in Vietnam’s capital today.

1530 St. Felix’s Flood

The final and biggest disaster in the Netherlands happened in 1530 when over 100,000 people are assumed to have lost their lives when much of Flanders and Zeeland were washed away. As Netherlands literally translates to “Low Country,” it’s no surprise to see so many deadly floods happen in its history.

1935 Yangtze River Flood

The remainder of the list involves floods all happening in China. One of the worst happened just four years following the worst recorded flooding disaster in history. Nearly 150,000 lost their lives.