10 Strange And Fascinating Giant Sculptures From Around The World

Any piece of street art is created to illuminate and entertain the public in different ways. Sculptures are usually created with a historic significance in mind and are meant to act as a symbolic representation of a moment in time. Now, there is a unique trend developing around the world that involves creating bizarre and unique sculptures that are only created for artistic reasons. These sculptures are massive and unorthodox, and are truly a sight to behold for passerby’s in their respective cities. Here is a list of 10 strange and fascinating giant sculptures from around the world.

Monster Saw

This seemingly random piece of art can be seen in Tokyo, Japan and is found in the front entrance hall of the Tokyo International Exhibition centre. It is nearly 16 meters tall and has become a popular tourist attraction in the region.

Oversized Silver Dog

It is about time man’s best friend received a fitting tribute. The over-sized silver dog can be seen outside Denver’s Animal shelter and was created by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan. The statue is 20 feet tall and can be seen glistening from quite a distance.