20 Craziest Kickstarter Projects That Actually Got Support

Miley Cyrus Twerking T-Shirt

Thanks to Kickstarter and the people of the Internet, you can now own and wear this adorable t-shirt of everyone’s favorite twerking pop star. Never has a simple white shirt looked so classy. We’re joking, of course. Poor Hannah Montana is probably rolling in her grave.

A Rock Game

Roxzai, though it may look like a neat game based on the rugged, natural looking packaging, is actually one of the most pointless things we’ve ever heard of. How to play, you ask? You pour the rocks out of the bag, and you stack them. That’s it. You can easily make this game in your own backyard, yet it somehow got enough money to happen. This is the world we live in.

Launch A TARDIS Into Space

A very ambitious young man named Travis had the idea to launch a model TARDIS from the popular BBC show, Doctor Who, into space. After raising more than $3,000, he did just that… kind of. He attached the TARDIS model and a stuffed monkey named Timmy onto a board, and then attached that to a weather balloon. A camera went up with it, so that Travis could upload the video of it to YouTube.

World’s Largest Jockstrap

Michael Barrett, a man with a very special kind of mind, decided to raise money to create the world’s largest jockstrap. Why? Good question. He was able to fund it, though, and to this day it stands as a Guinness World Record.