10 Delicious Fruits You Probably Don’t Know Exist

People love fruit, this much we know, otherwise entire countries wouldn’t base their entire economy around growing and selling fruits on the international market. We’ve heard of some truly nasty fruit, such as the durian, which smells like death itself, and most of us probably have apples, oranges, or bananas in our kitchen right now. However, there are some weird fruits most people, yourself included, probably don’t even know about. We’re here to shed some light on these weird delicacies.

Muntingia Calabura

The Muntingia Calabura is a type of strawberry tree that grows in Southern Mexico, parts of South America, and the Caribbean. They produce a light red fruit that is quite small and is both juicy and sweet. The locals eat it raw or cook it into a jam.

Arbutus unedo

The Arbutus unedo is another type of strawberry tree that grows within the Mediterranean region, France, and Ireland. Due to the strange appearance, many people don’t eat the fruit raw. Instead, they break it down for use in liqueurs and jams.