20 Craziest Kickstarter Projects That Actually Got Support

Lionel Richie’s Blow-Up Head

It’s a giant inflatable sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head,” was all it took to bring in the necessary funds. What more is there to say, really? The giant inflatable head was thus brought into existence and displayed at British music festival, Bestival.

Funny Clouds

Once upon a time, there was actually a project on Kickstarter to raise money to “write stupid things with clouds in the sky“. It was proposed by a comedian named Kurt Braunohler who, after raising the money, got a skywriter to put “HOW DO I LAND?” in the sky.

Emoji Dick

Someone in the world has so much time on their hands, that they had the grand idea to take Moby Dick and translate it… into emojis. That man is Fred Benenson. Apparently people wanted it to happen, too, because it was funded and now exists somewhere in the world. Maybe this is the answer to get today’s tweens back into reading.

Ostrich Pillow

It may look weird, but there is no denying that this unique pillow also looks like the best nap you’ve ever taken in a place where a comfy couch or bed isn’t available. The Ostrich Pillow was so popular and well funded with its original product that the makers have since added other products, such as the mini Ostrich Pillow.