10 Of The Strangest Murder Weapons Ever Used

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Finding out your loved one has been murdered is probably one of the most depressing experiences someone could go through. Alternatively, discovering you are about to be murdered is one of the most adrenaline-pumping, terrifying experiences ever. Stop for a moment and consider the situation: a lone individual is standing in a dark hallway, their murder weapon in hand. They step towards the light, and you discover they are holding a high-heeled shoe. That’s not what most people expect and these people certainly didn’t. Here are ten of the strangest murder weapons you could imagine.


In 2013, Donna Lange fell asleep atop her boyfriend after residents heard fighting from the home. The police arrived to discover she had smothered her boyfriend to death with her breasts. It was not an accident either.


Derrick Birdow assaulted a Reverend with an electric guitar in 2013, and was then subdued by police officers who tasered him.


Workers were missing 55-year-old Murat St. Hilaire when he did not come in to work. It was discovered that the man had been stabbed in his home with a corkscrew in the side of his head.

Xbox 360

In April of 2013, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police responded to a woman that had been attacked with an Xbox 360. Darrius Johnson, the offender, attacked his girlfriend with the game console after an argument.


Karen Walsh, an Irish citizen, used a crucifix in order to commit murder. She then sexually assaulted a grandmother in an effort to throw police off of her trail after the killing.

Prosthetic Leg

In 2011, Debra Hewitt, a homeless woman living in Louisiana, was convicted of first-degree murder after she killed her boyfriend using her very own prosthetic leg. It is said she had been accused of killing twice before that.

Poisonous Vagina

A Brazilian woman was refused a divorce from her horrible husband, so she decided to kill the man. She soaked her vagina in a poisonous substance, then asked for oral sex.


Gunther Kaufmann, an actor who was famous throughout Germany, is said to have fallen over during a fight with his accountant and suffocated him with his body weight.


Alf Stefan Andersson, a professor for the University of Houston, was discovered with over 10 holes in his head from a stiletto shoe. The killer, Ana Lilia Trujillo, was discovered with blood on her at the scene of the murder.

Dessert Spoon

Richard Clare ran from a drug rehab center in Hertfordshire, England, and then collected money that was owed to him. Clare then attacked a man with a dessert spoon, causing bleeding in the brain and skull.