20 Confusing Fails That Leave You Asking How And Why

We’ve all seen our share of epic fails online. We’ve even inadvertently taken part in creating some timeless fail photos. Some kind of way they manage to make their way to social media profiles and history is made. Some are painful, some of scary, some are funny and some make us just want to cry hysterically. We’ve come up with a great pairing of epic fail photos for you. This compilation of 20 ridiculous photos make you wonder how in the heck was this possible while simultaneously making you wonder why would people be this dumb.

Go Out And Lay

I really think these people don’t like kids.

Turn Left At The Sign. Maybe.

So when you get to the crooked tree, you turn left at the sign…….at your own risk.

New skill

If you want to get better. You’d better learn how to use that other hole right away.

U – Haul. I – Hold

These people have taken the term U-haul to a whole different level of ridiculousness. Well…maybe they live right down the street.