20 Completely Bizarre Rituals Within Sports

Lyoto Machida

This will no doubt turn your stomach as MMA fighter Lyoto Machida admits to drinking his own urine every day. Lyoto Machida keeps up with this ritual because he feels that drinking his own urine every morning helps keep him in good health.

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd makes a sweet gesture when he goes up for a free-throw. Before tossing the ball, Jason Kidd would blow a kiss which is meant for his wife and kids.

Caron Butler

Up until 2009, Caron Butler wouldn’t play a basketball game without drinking Mountain Dew. He would drink half of a two-liter bottle before the game while finishing off the rest during half time. His obsession with the green soda was so powerful that he kept refrigerators that would only house Mountain Dew. Soon the NBA Players Association required him to stop drinking Mountain Dew during actual games.

Hockey Players

This is a ritual that pretty much all hockey players follow. It’s known as the playoff beards where players who make the playoffs will refuse to shave their face. Believed to be first started off within Ice Hockey, this tradition and ritual has spread to other major league sports as well.