10 Animal Poisons That Have Very Specific Purposes

Nature has long walked the thin line between life and death, that is why the various creatures throughout the world has developed such impressive poisons within their bodies to tackle a creature 100 times their size in some cases, such as ants against human beings. Sure, we sometimes have the antidote to prevent such a death, but other times there is nothing we can do to stop a very specific side-effect of a poison. Here are ten animal poisons that have very specific purposes that we’d prefer to avoid.

Burst Lungs

The Sydney Funnel Web Spider is a terrifying eight-legged critter that has a neurotoxin within their bite capable of knocking out a man’s nervous system. Their bite is said to be capable of bursting your lungs, which can be prevented with a doctor’s aid.


The South African Spitting Scorpion has a rather unpleasant, poison-filled sting that is capable of leading to convulsions, tremors, and even hyperactivity. It only took 20 nanograms (20 billionths of a gram) of the poison to kill an adult mouse, which should be terrifying to humans, too.