18 Celebrity Memes That Broke The Internet

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On the internet, all it takes is one humorous or outrageous image, video or statement and almost instantly, hilarious memes begin popping up out of thin air! In fact, thousands of celebrity memes are made each and every day, but only the craziest ones start trending and go viral. To commemorate this grand age of technology and entertainment, here are some of the best photos and memes that broke the internet and broke us down laughing at the same time.

Oh No, Bill Cosby!

Oh no, not Mr. Jello Pudding himself. How could you Bill Cosby? He was the headline everywhere when more than a few rape allegations started to surface.

The Oscar Selfie

Yes this is not the Oscar Selfie, but it’s the Nicolas Cage Selfie at the Nicolas Cage Awards. The Oscar selfie is what broke the internet, this breaks the universe.

Kanye Is Everywhere

How Taylor Swift reacted to Kanye’s sudden interruption at the VMA awards was graceful, but how it propelled Kanye’s status as a meme subject is certainly amazing. His memes are the best of all time for everything, just Google it!

Caitlyn Bruce Jenner

While we embrace his decision, we still don’t know what to call her. Get that? She broke the internet big time for her coming out party!

Leo at the Oscars

Behind that painful smile you can feel how Leo was dying with each step Matthew took towards the trophy. The internet wasn’t generous enough and it may just be that the guy playing Leo in a movie on his life ends up winning the award.

Lindsay Lohan After Drugs

This certainly moved the internet rather than break it. Teenage queen Lindsay Lohan aka Coca Queen is 28, looks 48, and talks still like 18.

Obama’s Not Bad Face

The press photo of a rather impressed but trying not to look impressed Obama is now a mainstay in the meme foray and has even been used by celebrities on social networks!

Kermit and Lipton?

Kermit sipping on some tea while giving you cold advice and probably some funny anecdotes is what has made this legendary. We always knew Kermit as a quirky fella.

Leo Running Topless with a Toy Gun

Leo is certainly a meme legend already and this picture of him on holiday is what became a subject of mass meme experimentation.

Luis Suarez the Cannibal

It’s the FIFA World Cup, Luis is on the biggest stage of them all, and he sets his sight on some tasty Italian meat. Twitter and Facebook went crazy over this and reminded us of the glory moments from Jaws.

Justin Bieber Arrested

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber gets arrested and the mugshot goes viral like wildfire. I’m really starting to think they’re related but who knows.

Kim Jong Un Visits Lube Factory

The Supreme Leader visits a lube factory. You know what happens next. Supreme Leader hacks Sony and laughs while squeezing goo with a guy who just wants to die.

Ashley Wagner’s Face

She probably has the most authentic meme face ever. Reacting with primetime Hollywood disgust for her low scores at the Sochi Olympics, Wagner has inspired probably the most hilarious memes in recent times.

Jack White’s Resting Bitch Face

Yeah we know you’re a Cubs fan, and they suck, and you are caught showing frustrations on the TV. Then again, we can’t blame you for trending on Twitter with this one!

Renee Zellweger Breaks Hearts

You can guess by the look on her face what she has turned herself into. At 45 Renee looks more like 60, where only five years ago, she was giving all the guys and the girls chills with her elegant looks.


Despite losing and getting done with the once in four-year hype about soccer, Tim Howard emerged as an internet legend. He was instantly hit on every social network thanks to his sensational performance against Belgium.

John Travolta Kissing Scarlett Johansson

Ah yes. Good old John Travolta never fails to deliver a public demonstration of his sexual orientation, despite of what half the world claims.

Tom Cruise Teeth Alignment

So get this. Not long ago some meme God discovered something that will leave you moved for the rest of your life. Cruise’s right front tooth has been aligned in the center of his mouth! Money sure can buy anything. This meme was trending for days!