18 Celebrity Memes That Broke The Internet

On the internet, all it takes is one humorous or outrageous image, video or statement and almost instantly, hilarious memes begin popping up out of thin air! In fact, thousands of celebrity memes are made each and every day, but only the craziest ones start trending and go viral. To commemorate this grand age of technology and entertainment, here are some of the best photos and memes that broke the internet and broke us down laughing at the same time.

Oh No, Bill Cosby!

Oh no, not Mr. Jello Pudding himself. How could you Bill Cosby? He was the headline everywhere when more than a few rape allegations started to surface.

The Oscar Selfie

Yes this is not the Oscar Selfie, but it’s the Nicolas Cage Selfie at the Nicolas Cage Awards. The Oscar selfie is what broke the internet, this breaks the universe.

Kanye Is Everywhere

How Taylor Swift reacted to Kanye’s sudden interruption at the VMA awards was graceful, but how it propelled Kanye’s status as a meme subject is certainly amazing. His memes are the best of all time for everything, just Google it!