10 Incredible Things Camping Can Do For Your Health

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Ah, the great outdoors. Who doesn’t love the idea of kicking back, pitching a tent, roasting marshmallows over the fire for s’mores, and watching the sunset? While camping can, of course, vary in intensity, we can all agree that disconnecting for a little while can be beneficial to us all. What you didn’t know, though, was just how healthy camping can be for your mind and body. Here are ten amazing things you probably didn’t know that camping could do for your health.

It Will Reset Your Sleeping Patterns

Believe it or not, folks, but it’s a proven fact that sleeping outdoors can help fully reset your sleep cycle. There is certainly something to be said about going to bed when it’s dark and waking up as soon as the sun comes up, and luckily, it’s easy to adjust to that when camping. So go catch some z’s!

It Will Help Your Problem Solving Skills

You probably didn’t realize how much you were actually figuring out all on your own just by camping. Everything from starting a fire to pitching a tent and even burying leftover munchies requires some serious problem solving know-how. All of that brain exercise is great for you!

You Will Breathe The Fresh Air!

Getting away from the smog and congestion of the city (or even the suburbs) can help you remember what real air is actually supposed to feel like! Getting away from the dust of the indoors and the car exhaust of the streets can only be good for those lungs. Take a deep breath and come back for more.

It’s Mood Lifting

Studies have shown that being outside is a natural mood lifter! Getting some air and sun has statistically aided people suffering from illnesses and disabilities. That logic can easily be applied to everyone who gets stuck inside too much! Prepare to feel lighter than air.

It Will Strengthen Bonds

Being forced to share a tent, latrine, campfire, or whatever else you thought to cram into your duffle bag… amazingly enough, can really help to strengthen bonds between friends, family, and colleagues. Figuring our problems together in close proximity will certainly assist relationships.

You’ll Get Some Exercise

Let’s face it. You’re living outside. Whether it’s for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, you will have to actually get from place to place by, you know, hiking. It takes real work to do anything camping related and your body will catch on pretty quickly.

It’ll Reintroduce You to Vitamin D

This one ought to go without saying, but getting outside does, in fact, get you some amount of sunshine. The Vitamin D in sunlight is an amazing natural remedy for the blues of the workweek. Just don’t forget the sunscreen; otherwise you’ll be regretting the whole trip.

It Will Make You Eat Healthier

Cooking for yourself will almost always be better for you than ordering takeout night after night, or worse yet, going out for drinks every day after work. When you make your own food, you tend to make better choices, and when you’re camping, those choices tend to be a lot fresher and healthier.

It Will Give You Some Stress Relief

With the stresses and worries of the week behind you, it’s an incredible thing to just chill outdoors for a bit and let the cares roll away. Unplug for a bit! Take advantage of the opportunity to unclog your brain of all the mess work can put in your head.

It Gives You A Chance To Meditate

What better time and place is there to reflect on what’s really important in life? There isn’t — you’re out in nature, communing with the Earth! Let that be a giant kick in the butt to let yourself not only relax, but also understand what matter to you the most. Getting away from distractions will certainly do that for you.