20 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Use False Names

Celebrities are people too, and most of the time, people aren’t born with names that roll of the tongue as eloquently as Vin Diesel or shock as much as Meat Loaf. This list goes through twenty different celebrities and their real names – and why they decided to change them. Some have personal reasons, some just liked the way it sounded, and some have no real reason at all. Regardless of the reasoning, they are all incredibly interesting to learn about.

Kim Cattrall

Cattrall’s birth name was Clare Woodgate, and while this isn’t a particularly fascinating name – neither is Kim Cattrall.

Puff Daddy or P. Diddy

Diddy’s real name is actually Sean John Combs. He changed his name really for no reason other than that it sounded much cooler than Sean.

Carrot Top

Scott Thompson has red hair so he decided to change his name to Carrot Top. This is a valid and logical reason.

Charlie Sheen

Most people don’t know that Sheen’s real name is actually Carlos Irwin Estevez. He changed his name because his uncle was named Carlos as well, and they would both respond to it.