20 Celebrities That Auditioned For Saturday Night Live And Were Rejected

Kerri Kenney-Silver

We loved Kerri Kenney-Silver on Reno 911, so we are glad she didn’t get cast on SNL. She tried out in 1996 and has openly talked about how horrible it went and how hard it was.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is amazing at what he does, but apparently he failed to wow the producers back in 1992. SNL writer Robert Smigel loved him though and got him a job as a writer on The Dana Carvey Show in 1996 and Colbert helped voice The Ambiguously Gay Duo skit on SNL.

Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge was part of the Groundlings and part of the same group as Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri, and Chris Kattan, who all got on in 1995. Coolidge was turned down, but she has gone on to star in many TV and movie roles, including Stifler’s mom on American Pie.

Kel Mitchell

Kenan & Kel was a popular show on Nickelodeon back in the day, but apparently SNL thought that Kenan Thompson made the show popular, as they turned down Kel after his audition in 2003 and Thompson joined the cast.