20 Bizarre Pieces Of Furniture You Can Buy Right Now

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Generally, furniture is something that most people don’t put a lot of thought into. As long as it is comfortable, reasonably priced and doesn’t look like something that has been found in a rubbish tip then most people will be satisfied with a plain chair or bed. After all, they are just functional items designed to make our lives easier and more relaxing, serving no other real purpose.

For some people though, that simply isn’t enough. They want their furniture to be more, so that tables are not just something to eat food off of and sofas aren’t just for watching TV on. They want their furniture to be a statement, whether it be a crazy design or a bizarre look.

Upright Bed

Some people find it hard to get to sleep, especially if they cannot get comfortable in any position that they lie. For those people, you can get your hands on an upright bed that has been designed so that it supports you in an upright position while you sleep.

Erotic Chair

Have you ever wanted to own a chair that is not just comfortable but also fulfill your erotic and sexy needs? Perhaps you own some sort of dungeon that could make use of such a thing. In that case, this erotic chair might be right up your street.

Octopus Chair

Although this particular piece of furniture is probably not suitable for anyone who is claustrophobic or gets anxious when they are in a confined space, it is perfect for anyone who likes to feel completely trapped when sitting down to watch the TV. It could also be used to lock up unruly children.

Death Sofa

While a coffin is something that most people want to avoid for as long as possible, some might really want to have a sofa that has been designed to look exactly like a container for corpses. The only people we can think of who this might appeal to are vampires.

Pencil Chair

Making furniture out of wood is commonplace throughout the world, although the material used is generally things like oak, ebony or pine, rather than pencils. When combined together, the individually weak pencils, come together to make a surprisingly strong structure that can be used as a normal chair. Just make sure none of the points are facing upwards.

Staircase Storage

Finding adequate storage can be difficult in smaller homes due to the limited amount of space available. This unique storage structure combines drawers, cabinets and cupboards together in one tall solution. What really makes it distinctive though is the fact that the bottom drawers can be used as a staircase to reach the other sections.

Flat Table Luxury Gold

Having a pool table in the house is something that a lot of people want but simply don’t have enough space to do so. While many compromised designs exist, most are tacky and of low quality. This piece differs in that it is a sophisticated design that is perfect as a dining table when not be used for pool.

Transforming Furniture

Another useful piece of furniture for those with limited space in their home, this transforming structure is able to act bizarrely as a dining table, sofa and chairs or a storage chest with very little effort. When not being used it is even able to be folded away and stacked so that it is very much out of the way.

Canvas Furniture

When looked at directly from the front, these pieces of furniture look like canvas paintings. However, when you look closely at them it soon becomes clear that they are 3D pieces of art that can be sat in because of the fact that they have been carved into. This allows them to be hung on a wall as art and act as furniture all at once.

Cow Dresser

Who wouldn’t want a dresser for storing all sorts of things in the shape of a cow? Unfortunately, the unique shape means that much of the space is wasted as it isn’t used. Also available to carry on the theme of farm animals are smaller examples in the shape of a pig and a chicken.

Pig Couch

Although it is as big as a normal couch that would sit several people, this distinctive piece of furniture will probably only comfortably allow one person to use it. This is simply because of the fact so much of the material is used for creating a giant pig’s head and legs. So if you have some money to spend and want an overly elaborate yet odd chair then this could be the thing for you.

Cobra Seat

If there’s one thing that there is simply not enough of in the world it is chair’s in the shape of snakes and scorpions. Taking inspiration from deadly animals like a cobra, these pieces of furniture are as stylish as they are bizarre and would fit well in an evil lair.

Barrel Bed

Another one to avoid for those who are claustrophobic, this bed has been constructed to mimic the look of a barrel. You’d have to really like barrels or love sleeping in an enclosed space to want to buy this though as it doesn’t really give you much chance to move around or stretch while sleeping. At least you won’t fall out of bed.

Emperor 1510

The rise of personal computer use in the past decade has led to a large number of companies developing specialized furniture to accommodate the practice. This generally includes specifically designed desks and chairs to make using a computer more comfortable and easy. The Emperor 1510 takes this one step further thanks to its in-built audio, LED lighting, tilting capabilities and padded chair.

Reversible Table

A perfect example of a piece of furniture that can be both efficient and versatile, this particular example acts as a table and chairs that can be quickly turned into two outward facing benches by simply turning the structure upside down. The odd design is ideal for the garden.

Crazy Bookshelf

The vast majority of bookshelves are uniform structures that are made up of straight pieces of wood or metal so that books and DVDs can sit perfectly upright. This weird alternative does almost the exact opposite by tilting every shelf at odd angles so that nothing is level. While it is certainly distinctive, it will be a nightmare for any perfectionists or those with OCD.

Single Bed

Bringing an all new meaning to the term single bed, this piece of furniture is only any good to someone who sleeps in exactly the same position every night and stays perfectly still while doing so. We aren’t exactly sure if it comes with matching covers and sheets or whether you will just have to use conventional ones.

Table Tennis Door

Let’s be perfectly honest and agree that doors often serve very little purpose. When they aren’t giving people some privacy, blocking out noise or drafts and stopping unwanted people from getting in, they are largely wasted space. Well, with this crazy piece of engineering your door can be quickly turned into a table tennis table with just a simple rotation.


The Loopita might look like a simple loop-the-loop structure but it is actually a strange example of furniture that has been specially designed for couples. The sofa bed combination essentially allows two people to rest and relax while still being able to see each other and chat thanks to the fact that they will be facing each other while lying down.

Feel Seating System Deluxe

The Feel Seating System Deluxe is an odd piece of furniture that lies somewhere between a bed and a long couch, although it is technically neither of those things. Designed with the sole purpose of helping its user to relax in perfect comfort, the individuals balls can be moved and interconnected however you want so that you can lie in whatever position you want.