20 Bizarre Methods To Quickly Lose Weight

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These days everyone is doing their best to lose weight and get ready for the next summer when they can wear a two-piece bathing suit or just a pair of shorts. There are a lot of diets and pills available on the market, but not all of them are right for every single person or work for everyone. Thankfully, there are some bizarre methods out there that could help lower your fat content and slim your belly down to where you truly want it. Read on to find out twenty ways to quickly lose weight; you’ll be shocked that some of these things actually work.

Sniffing Peppermint

A study has shown that people who take a bit of time out of their day to sniff peppermint are ultimately less hungry than they were before. These people were said to lose weight, too – an average of 30 pounds per person. The theory is that sniffing the food tricks the brain into believing it has been ingested.

Bigger Breakfast

Eating a big breakfast is said to help reduce hunger and shed weight in the long-run. Those who ate a larger breakfast ended up losing around 18 pounds on average across a 13-month period. Those who ate a bigger dinner instead, though, only lost around seven.

Junk Mail

For every single piece of junk mail received through the mail you can turn that into a work-out. For instance, for each piece you should do a lap around your home or office building, or perhaps take a jog up and down a flight of stairs. People burn anywhere from 25 to 140 calories per session.

Wear A Ribbon

Some women, especially in France, have taken up the habit of tying a ribbon around their waist and underneath their clothing when they head out to a restaurant for dinner. This method keeps the woman conscious of their stomach. If the ribbon starts to feel tighter, they stop themselves.

Hang A Mirror

Hanging a mirror on the opposite side of the dining room table from where you sit may not be mentally healthy in the long-run, but it can keep you self-conscious and in-check while eating your dinner. Looking at yourself and considering your goals can keep your weight down and losing at the same time.

Photograph Your Food

Taking photographs of the food on your plate doesn’t need to be a social media thing. Instead, taking a picture and looking back at what you’re going to eat can make you realize what you are about to eat. This will allow you to stop and think.

Wrapped Candy

Candy is an indulgence that everyone is interested in, for the most part. Sticking to wrapped candy, however, is better. People ate 30-percent less when they had to unwrap it first. Peeling off the wrapper is a bit extra effort, so people want to snack on them less.

Vanilla Candles

After eating dinner, light a vanilla-scented candle. A group of 160 volunteers were said to lose an average of 4.5 pounds each by wearing or smelling vanilla. The scent is said to lessen dessert cravings.

The Color Blue

The color blue is said to suppress a person’s appetite. People eat 33-percent less when they are in a blue room or surrounded by blue. The color is said to make the food look less appetizing and appealing to the person.

Lights On

Turning the lights up while you are eating will increase your inhibitions. Lowering music while turning up the lights will help when combined together, too. Both will go against mindless eating and increase leisurely chewing.

Clean Spaces

A tidy work space or home can help someone lose weight significantly. While living within a clean area, people tend to want to eat healthy snacks. Healthier foods are chosen when the area looks good, too.

Skip Bread

People who eat bread first, especially within a restaurant, grow larger because they eat their grains first. Saving the bread for last means you restrict your carb intake and amount, which is a good way to lose the weight you want.

Take a Nap

Taking a nap in the afternoon or when you’ve got a short break at work can help prevent you from becoming obese. Lack of sleep or rest can result in weight gain.

Eat With a Male

If you’re a female, eating with a male friend can be beneficial, as it causes you to think about what you are consuming while around them. You tend to eat more carelessly when you’re alone.

Drink Oil

By drinking 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil between meals twice per day, you can increase your chances of losing wight in the long-run. This can curb your appetite and lower your body weight dramatically.

Eating a Tapeworm

This is incredibly unsafe and not recommended, but some people still ingest a worm in an effort to lose weight. A horrible side effect is a brain cyst, though. It’s certainly one of the strangest ways to shed pounds.

Cotton Balls

Dip a cotton ball in fruit juice or other liquid and then swallow them whole in an effort to make your body feel full. Fashion models and teenage girls sometimes opt for this particular “diet.” It’s definitely dangerous and not recommended as cotton isn’t easily digested, but it helps lose the pounds.


Chopsticks don’t need to be only for Asian food. Instead, pull those wooden sticks out for everyday meals. Learn to use them with other foods to become mindful of what you’re eating and how fast. Chopsticks result in eating slower, thus the feeling of being full is as a result of lower food intake.

Use Your Opposite Hand

Try eating with your opposite hand while sitting down for a meal or to snack. It’s awkward and makes you eat less. Using your opposite hand feels far less natural, so people tend to eat more mindfully.

Drink Wine

Drinking wine is said to help by preventing weight gain. Heavy drinkers gain a lot less compared to non-drinkers when researchers examined their weight gain trends. That doesn’t mean you should become an alcoholic, though.