10 Insane Things People Tried To Smuggle Through Airport Security

While airports have almost always had strict security measures, the past two decades have seen the types of items that can be brought through such facilities and onto aircraft be restricted even further thanks to the threat of terrorist attacks. Of course, not everything that people try to smuggle onto airplanes are weapons or explosives, often they will be drugs or other contraband that they will then try to sell on. Fortunately, tough security measures can combat these types of problems for the most part, though they don’t always deter people who want to sneak in even stranger items.

Cow Brains

Three Sudanese travelers were detained in Cairo, Egypt when custom officials found that the group were trying to bring more than 400 pounds of cow brains into the country. The meat is apparently a delicacy in Egypt and is a popular item to smuggle from Sudan as it is so cheap there.

A Crocodile

A man was stopped from entering Bangkok when border patrol officers realized that the man was attempting to smuggle a tiny crocodile into the country from Bangladesh. The animal was small enough to hide within the rest of his luggage, though the authorities claimed that it showed up on routine X-rays of his belongings.